Bobbi Pedrick 

Bobbi Pedrick has been a leader in special education for 40 years and has served as a teacher, Behavior Specialist, Principal, Coordinator and Director of Special Education within two large school systems. She has designed and facilitated systemic change in instructional practices for both general education students and for those with special needs.  Her experience in guiding innovative and research-based services, leading creatively in serving students recovering from trauma, poverty and a variety of disabilities has contributed to the successful delivery of services to students and families.    

Ms. Pedrick’s design and implementation of a statistically based feedback loop that stimulates growth in instructional and compliance practices that deliver improved student and teacher performance has been presented at state and national conferences and has been adopted by schools and systems across the United States as it has increased teacher and student performance in the classrooms she serves.   

Her ability to build positive and productive relationships with administrators, teachers, students, parents, lawyers, advocates and community partners through transparency and an open mind have contributed greatly to the success of her team and those she serves.  Ms. Pedrick has led the development of multiple large educational conferences: Differentiated Instruction for 3600 statewide participants; an annual Teacher to Teacher Showcase for over 2000 participants; Effective Co-Teaching Across the Curriculum for 700 participants and the Consultancy Model for Problem Solving for 200 leaders across the state.  She originated and implemented a twelve-year plan for building the capacity for over 4000 instructional staff to increase the use of differentiated instruction practices in their classrooms and to specially design instruction for struggling learners.  This plan includes job embedded professional development, coaching, and a feedback loop that is based on data reflecting classroom visits and peer-to-peer classroom visits and coaching.    

Ms. Pedrick has been recognized with the Visionary Leadership Award and the Paul Harris award for her work in education.  She has served as a judge at the National Military Ethics Bowl and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.