Dr. Danielle Klein

Dr. Danielle Klein, PhD, has extensive experience in curriculum and instruction, with specialization in literacy, language support, and socio-emotional instruction. Dr. Klein has taught and held leadership roles in both urban and rural landscapes, with particular attention to middle grades and secondary spaces. She approaches her instruction and coaching with an eye toward the learning ecosystem, involving students, teachers, administration, and the community itself. 

Dr. Klein holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in English Education, Curriculum Studies from Louisiana State University. Additionally, she holds a Graduate Certificate in Urban and Community Education as well as an English Specialist Certificate. Dr. Klein has earned degrees in both English and Spanish and served as a Fulbright Scholar with the U.S. Department of State in Madrid, Spain, where she was a high school bilingual instructor and Model UN: Global Classrooms coordinator. 

In addition to her role as an assistant professor, Dr. Klein currently serves as the Chair of the Education Department and as the Director of PK-12, Middle Grades, and Secondary Programs. Dr. Klein’s work and research has been featured in numerous peer-reviewed publications and has been presented at both national and international professional meetings and conferences. Dr. Danielle Klein’s current area of research involves emotions in the classroom, with an eye toward socio-emotional awareness, regulation, and modification practices. Particularly, Dr. Klein has researched and coached regarding the engagement and involvement of these emotions in learning spaces.